When and why should a specialist be consulted in the management of
Hep C-infected persons?
Any physician who manages a person with hepatitis C
infection should be knowledgeable and current on all aspects of the care of a person
with hepatitis C. This can include some internal medicine and family practice
physicians as well as specialists, such as gastroenterologists, hepatologists, or
infectious disease physicians.

Below is an educational tool and a search tool to help you find a local treater.

Find a Hepatitis C Specialist in Your Area *
Search tool to help identify Hep C treaters in
your area. Click the link below to help identify Hep C treaters in your area.
Hep C Treatment Specialist Locator Tool
* This directory is comprised of healthcare providers who have identified themselves as an HCV treater. Everyone on this directory has opted in to be a potential referral site for HCV.
  • Hep C Management Algorithm
  • Click the link below to view this
    educational tool

  • This algorithm outlines the basic
    stages for managing HCV
    infections, including:
  • Screening
  • Testing & Diagnosis
  • Linking to Care
  • Counseling Guide for
    Healthcare Professionals
  • Click the link below for information that
    will benefit your patients about Hep C:
  • Screening test results
  • About Hep C infection
  • Patients need to understand